It’s not about the bike: My journey back to life by Lance Armstrong- A book review

I and probably you too have seen the “LIVESTRONG” bands around by people from all social backgrounds, College going romeos, society ladies, entrepreneurs, kids and almost everyone. Few of them not even knowing its significance. And yet few others have heard of Lance Armstrong, the 7 time ‘Tour de France’ winner. And we wholeheartedly took him to a pedestal of that particular sport, just like Tiger woods for Golf and Federer for Tennis. That was it. But, there is more to it.
There is more to the story of Lance Armstrong than winning few championships in biking. He was the athlete who changed the worldview of cancer, by defeating it. He had a stage IV testicular cancer. To compare with our home grown Cricket superstar, Yuvraj Singh, he had stage I lung cancer which he treated with chemotherapy. One of Armstrong’s testicles gets removed, and is then given heavy doses of chemotherapy.
He talks about the freedom in doing the one thing you are passionate about. His story revolves around his beliefs, his passion, his victory over cancer, his triumphs getting back on the bike and then also the witch hunt by many associations to associate him with illegal drug use, which as a matter of fact continues to this day. The first person account of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and the victory thereafter is really heartwarming. The role of patient in treatment also is well put. Also not to forget some great sport winning moments of our era.


Very lively first person account with an unbiased account towards relationships. This memoir style story and  setting is definitely stuff of legends.
Must read, if you are lazy to go for an morning/evening walk/run, hit the gym or get off the couch. This one is inspirational, also narrates what a flame of passion can achieve and sometimes endure.
Overall 4.5/5
Quotable quote : “Give up, or fight like hell”