Tweet featured on Hindustan Times

Google has overwhelmingly taken our digital lives. It has become more than just a search engine. Afterall it is the website we go to check our internet-connection. And also, everyone atleast at one point of time being online might surely have googled their “name”, “username”, and your blog-title.
Anyways, I Google my username every now and then. However, recently when I googled my username, I noticed that my tweet was featured back in March 20th of 2012 in the online edition of Hindustan Times.
It was a sly tweet mocking the poverty line redesigning by the Govt. 
The page capture is shown below. The LINK
The tweet is
I was quoting the price from the local grocery store. And, the current prices in the same grocery store after 6 months show an alarming rise. The Sugar being Rs.40 (a 50% increase), 1Kg rice being Rs.34(64% increase; this can be attributed poor season also). According to poor man line, a poor man can now not even afford a single Kg of rice.
The reforms from UPA is a welcoming measure, though it might look against the common man, like the price hike for various fuels. It will stem inflation only on a short-term basis. But in the medium term, these inflation rates should ease and growth rate could surge. Hopefully.