Where men win glory by Jon Krakauer, a book review

Every boy, not man, every boy aspires at some point in his life to be a photographer or an army soldier. It is a fleeting passion. However, soon he drops the idea after teenage just like an Ayn Rand philosophy and moves on.

The lot which aspires to be a soldier tends mostly to be an Alpha male. What happens when an Alpha male makes up his mind. He is unstoppable. 

This is a non-fiction portrayal of Pat Tillman, an Alpha male in his own right, who was an NFL superstar and a patriot who enlists in the army to fight the Taliban after heart wrenching episode of 9/11. His story doesn’t go exactly as planned, he gets killed by friendly fire in ‘Iraq’ in a war which he despised. What follows is cover-ups and then more cover-ups over his death. Similar to the cover-ups and propaganda before the war and the biggest hoax of WMD.
 Jon Krakauer exposes the double standards, hypocrisy, exploitation etc in great detail. The book covers the personal background of Tillman as to what prompted his decision to enlist. His young window, his brother and his strong mother exposes the truth behind his death.
Krakauer in his inimitable style of narration delivers a heart breaking story of a fallen Hero. He dwells in details whenever required, exposing falsified stuff in mainstream media during the Iraq occupation during Bush regime. The occupation which is still on. Though he is politically aligned towards Democrats, his narration is rather unbiased. Wonderful reporting from the war-front as well meticulously detailed account.
Read it if you have felt patriotic. Read it if you have thought of enlisting yourself after 26/11 or 9/11 or whatever. Read it if you believe in the state/media completely. Rhetoric aside, a great and relevant read for 21st century.

Overall: 4.5/5

Quotable Quote: Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles