Ambasamudram- A photo essay.

There are many locations around the world ideal for movie shooting.

No, I am not talking about Studios or Film cities. I am not talking either about exotic beaches or mountain resorts.

But, a small town with so many amenities and contrasting locations ideal for an economical shooting. One such town in South India, is Ottapalam, Kerala. My home town. But, this post is not about Ottapalam. But about, Ambasamudram, a small town in Southern part of Tamil Nadu.

I had visited there like three times in last 6 years, and I have completely enjoyed my visit each time.

The place offers all the basic infrastructure. Roads and proximity to both Urban and Rural areas. Cheap lodging. Nuisance free governing body. Basic deal for a location manager.

The requisites for shooting spots for an entire movie is almost covered. For Kollywood movies that is.

Like, It has a river, rolling hills, a city under 50 kms, bridges, farmlands, open fields, forests, school(it can be duplicated into hospital, college, court, police station), old-traditional houses, new terraced mansions. etc. It’s all covered.  It has got some graet-looking temples as well.

Check out the compound wall of a temple at Papanasam (literally Sin-destruction)

Temple Wall

Movies like Dum Dum Dum, Ayya, Anniyan, Muthalvan, Sillunu oru Kaathal, and I can’t remember what else. ( if you know any other movie, add it to the comments)

Ambasamudram offers a multitude of locations almost unmatched.  The beaches aren’t that far either. But the ideal story-line for an Ambasamudram movie is rural-life story. But with directors like Shankar, you can create almost anything anywhere.

Customised  and painted bridges for a Shankar movie, YOU GOT IT..!

Randakka song

Open fields for  a fight sequence, Where you want the dust to fly when the hero walks and kicks the villains.



Open fields

You all have seen the scene where the hero and heroine runs through a stream of overflowing river check-dam. You got that too here in Ambasamudram. The heroine is normally wet right?

Check dam


Not to mention loads of waterfalls, even though the Courtralam (Kuttalam) is famous and overcrowded, you have others to avoid the crowd and shoot your next blockbuster.


Then you have wonderful vistas where you can have the romantic meetings for the lovebirds..Vista


Sigh! Even I wanted to take my love across this beautiful road in a bicycle, or at least go for an evening walk. Well, there is time for that.

As we had approached the town to leave after the visit, there was shooting going on in the school over the weekend, the hero Surya had arrived in his Audi Q7 and heroine Hansika was in the caravan. The movie is Singam-2. And may be who knows Ajay Devgan will come over and shoot for the Hindi version as well.

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  • Panchali

    Never heard of it before…very beautiful place indeed. A scenic spot for shooting…Enjoyed the virtual tour, Santhosh.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hidden gems of our country..!! Thanks for visiting..! 😀

  • manu

    nice write up !