An Equal Music by Vikram Seth- A book Review

Plot: This book is narrated as if it is a story about romantic love. I disagree, well love is an important theme throughout the book. However, there are more than one kind of love running through this book, like friendship, close kinship in a quartet, love for one’s instrument. Then obviously the music. After the first half of the book, the plot takes an interesting turn because of a condition the love-interest has. I don’t want to include the spoiler here. The genius author takes on the nuances of sound and music  and more importantly how it is played/created and its relation to the player and how they perceive/hear in their head. The romantic love is also prominent and the story deals with about how certain things are worth/not worth pursuing…

Style: The author needs no introduction, the author of magnum opus Suitable boy has struck the write chords again (pun intended). Making us part of the strange  world of musicians. Story is set in England and a bit in Europe as well. It is like listening to a radio of a slow western classical- relaxed and laid back. Even if you don’t know anything about the notations and the written language of the music, it still is a great read.

Verdict: A relaxed read for summer, travel time. If you love music, a must read. etc. 4/5

Quotable quote: It makes an amazing sound, lazy and growly and very rich and weird, and suddenly all four of us are laughing with delight -yes delight, for the world outside has thinned out of existence -even as we continue to play.