How the mighty have fallen..!

It is with great sadness that I received the news of Lance Armstrong being a cheat.

I had revered very few people especially in the field of sports. I had read the Lance Armstrong biography (LINK of the review I posted) with great pleasure and it had characteristics of a true hero and was full of inspirations page after page.

Unfortunately. The mighty hero has fallen. There were allegations of doping charges, ever since he won the Tour de France titles. I had thought through out the entire innings that it is done by ill-wishing crooks. And few months back Lance had  stated “Enough is Enough” statement suggesting that he is not fighting the doping charges anymore. I had stuck and believed my Hero. However, Last week, USPS investigation team has released its report (LINK here) also called the damning report. The report claims it as the most sophisticated doping and cover -up in entire sporting history.

Also, today, Lance Armstrong stepped down from the position as the head of LIVESTRONG foundation. He would continue to be in its board. And, Also, Nike has severed all ties with the athlete. I had disliked Nike as a monopolistic company, but had liked it after it supported Lance through his fight through the cancer years back. Nike severing ties is just one of the nails in the coffin. I am sure there are more to come. The stripping of 7 Tour de France titles is complete.

What remains of this legend everyone had revered is his fight with the cancer and his victory there. I assume and hope that he hadn’t lied to the world about his disease.

From Cricket to Cycling, Will we ever see true sporting events is the question that lingers!


  • Adrian

    sure. take away the fame, glory and profitability, and you’ve got the spirit of sporting events at its purest. alleyway cricket matches, ‘palli-muttathu’ football matches.

    • True… Innocence, rivalry, camaraderie at its best..!