Indivine, Reciprocal altruism.. To vote or not to vote!

Indivine is a tool in the Indian Blogging community website  where one can submit a blog post. The users can read and vote for the posts they find interesting.  The voting  process is just a single click, “Vote or not to vote” option after reading a post (or rather after clicking a link to the blog post). The person receiving the vote can see who has voted for him, so that he can reciprocate. 
This is a good arena to promote your post, gain followers and read some good blog posts. However, I found something fishy there. Few posts which garnered huge number of votes were either worthless, or just OK but not commanding a huge number of votes. How did that happen? When I first joined indiblogger, two years back or so. I thought I am just a newbie, and once you familiarise with readers, the vote count would increase automatically. After a long gap, I began blogging again and I found a similar familiarity in the indivine i.e “a not so good post getting lot of votes.”

I was wondering about the taste of Indian readers. Then, I found a strange pattern. The bloggers who get higher votes continuously on their posts, vote for others quite lavishly, (I have received votes from them for few of my shitty posts). Then I found something else, they have voted for lot of posts without reading the post. 
So say, if Blogger A goes and votes for 50 different posts of 50 different bloggers. He just helped the 50 bloggers gain 1 ~ 2* votes. Then, by the theory of “reciprocal altruism, a good enough percentage of those 50 bloggers reciprocate by voting blogger A. He gets like 30 to 40 votes which can value like 80*. With 50 clicks he is in the top tier of indivine.

A reciprocal altruism, actually functions with a person who is altruistic losing something from him while helping others and hoping the receiver will reciprocate in the future. This voting system in indivine doesn’t degrade the voter in any manner.

So, to gain huge number of votes, you just click “promote the post” and vote, you don’t even bother to read (nobody is going to find out)!!! (I found this rather sadly, as I checked the latest indivine posts at any given point of time, there was an alarming amount of votes on subsequent posts from few people.) when it was almost impossible to read the blog posts completely and then vote.

A moral person may think twice to vote for a shitty post, but he is also facing a dilemma of having to reciprocate. If he votes, he also has a higher chance of getting a vote back thus increasing his votes and if he doesn’t, he will stay in obscurity and won’t garner high number of votes. So, he might vote and become a silent partner to the fault. A true moral person doesn’t vote and doesn’t get any votes. 🙁 The cheater has no moral obligation, he just proliferate his votes around like a cancer cell without reading and earn the riches of reciprocity by innocent readers.

If  a true model of reciprocal altruism is kept on indivine, say with the voter losing ‘something’ every time he votes. It is hard to implement, Because, if such a system is to be placed on indivine, say only 3votes/24hours,  it is unfair as you may be out of votes to vote a goof post. Also, there will be very few votes, and duplicate accounts will sprout up to increase one’s own vote count. So it is not very feasible.

The ideal method will be similar to an earlier rating system on YouTube. You can choose to rate annonymously from 1 to 5. Hence giving the post some sense of its actual quality (which is hard for duplicate accounts to conceal).

Why isn’t such a system already in place. I don’t know, but I will opine.

The current system garners huge number of traffic to the indiblogger website. The owners like it, the cheating-bloggers like it and for some extent novice bloggers (unaware of the malpractice) also like it.

For any website Traffic is a big thing. For indiblogger to sustain also, it needs money. Traffic means money. Money from ads, from promotions, from events, from blogging contests. They earn money. These reciprocal bloggers generate traffic, to the website and to a multitude of blogs. Indiblogger does not want to kill its golden goose.

 If a rating system is installed, a dip in post submissions won’t happen! I promise, everyone wants to be read. But, in the short run there will definitely a decrease in traffic(mostly fake traffic will go) and thereby revenue might dip.

 As, low-quality posts gets filtered and higher quality posts gets its due. In the long run, we will have honest comments with true review and opinions by honest faithful readers and not just appeasements and generic comments by human spammers. There by in the long run indiblogger can generate much more money and maybe become a YouTube of Blogs. Few may argue that a malicious person may down-rate a good post, Na.. malicious people will get tired of it and will be outnumbered and lets hope that there are more sane souls around.

In the current state, what is lost is quality in Indian blogging community. Quality in photographs, quality in poems, quality in actual posts, Quality in thinking. Even more unfortunately, actual quality blogs may not even get noticed.

Of course some great bloggers are there in indiblogger whom I am in no way undermining. But ask yourself haven’t you felt/known of the above said malpractices. Let’s kill spam.

-S (Readers, Lemme know what you think, Indiblogger team, are you listening..!!)

P.S: I am not jealous of anybody getting high votes on indivine, but lets follow the motto “celebrate the worthy”

*- If your indirank is higher than 50, your vote will count as 2votes.

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