My divorce with wordpress and affair with blogger.

This blog was created in 2007 and is live here in blogger ever since. However, In 2011 August, I created a pseudo name for myself and started a  new photography blog in I am quitting and coming to blogger starting afresh with my 70 odd posts being freshly posted. 


This post is going to answer why..!
Every newbie blogger has this huge dilemma of which blogging platform to use. With numerous players offering best they can, it is indeed a tough choice. The leading players without doubt are Blogger and WordPress. The debate over which one is the best is waged all over the blogosphere. The ardent fans from both sides have stories to tell, blogs to tell and experiences they can vouch..
I started my after a huge road trip across America, {the earlier name was “out of home” which was started as (now inactive) } The blog have a facebook page, a twitter account, a separate email account and even a pseudo-name for the author i.e me : Antony Prancer {Inspired from Alexander SuperTramp}
The blog was well received, in less than a year, it has 20,000+views 400+ comments, numerous likes. It even got “Freshly pressed”. 
After all this, why do you want a divorce?
To begin with, they started showing ads without my knowledge. May be they have it in their T&C, but who reads that anyways. They earn money out of our blog. One can say, that is fair since the blog is hosted for “free”. Wait a minute, then it is not “free” anymore. Right?

Google shows ads on Gmail and Google search. The thing is Google is showing the ad targeted towards me. Whereas when WordPress is showing ads, they are doing it on my behalf with no control from me to my readers. There is a difference! (There is cry over bots reading our emails in Gmail to target ads, but thats a different story/post altogether) There is “no ads” upgrade available on WordPress, but that is for $30/year.

Well, I didn’t mind it much and then I moved on. Then I thought I will get a new custom domain. To buy a new domain from WordPress it costs $18/year. Where as, elsewhere you can get it much much cheaper. say for from $2. Even if you have bought a domain from outside, you cannot host it on WordPress for free. There is a domain mapping charge of $13/year.

In Blogger, the domain mapping is free. There are no ads. Also, you can monetize your blog and earn money instead with Adsense.

WordPress has a robust presence in blogging and website building world. They have got ardent fans in them. Even I used to love WordPress, but just like a sour relationship, I am moving away. Towards someone else. Someone who is not cribby about “money”.

My new blog is going to be alive soon. at with a blogger support. I will have to copy/paste for a while. I hope it will be worth it.