Wikipedia and Media

 Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Few web services have commanded respect like Wikipedia, Though there is Google, it has its own share of haters. Then there are Mac and PC people, and also Linux people running along. There is Twitter Vs Facebook, Blogger Vs WordPress. Android Vs iOS etc. However, Wikipedia has a command like none other. Though serious researchers shun Wikipedia, the common men and women along with School students flock to Wikipedia like bees to a flower.

Monopoly is not good. Anywhere and Everywhere. Wikipedia has become an alternative to Research books, has become a fact checker, People go to Wikipedia rather than Wolfram Alpha, IMDb, individual/corporation websites etc in internet itself, forget about books and encyclopedias.

So, it won’t be far when paid news seep into its pages. Wait a minute. IT’S ALREADY THERE. To begin with there are hordes of organizations paying employees to feed content to Wikipedia pages that are beneficial to their agenda. These organizations are not limited to Big Businesses, but religious organizations who wants History to be re-written etc. Everybody knows about “right wing Hindu internet fanatics”. They are so active in YouTube and Twitter spewing hate in their comments and tweets. (Not to forget other hate mongers)

Anyways, their content is constantly edited and thankfully it is little complex to edit Wikipedia than say comment on a YouTube video. But, What if people IN Wikipedia decides something of that sort. What if Wikipedia aligns with the BIG Brother.

It is a scary scenario. A website RadioIslam alleges that “Internet is controlled by Jews”, it has anti-semitic feelings running all along. From the creation of Israel, it traces Jewish influence in world politics and about the state of Palestine. Few of the allegations are far fetched. But, there is a grain of truth in most of the posts.

Let’s get back to Wikipedia. The founder Jim Wales, (You Remember his appeal for donations!) is a Jew, Well, I have no problem with his religion,(he claims to be an atheist), And neither you should :).


Things get murky from here, Before the launch of Wikipedia, he had an adult website named Well, I have no issues there, Who in this world of internet haven’t visited a porn site. (Well there are quite a lot..!)But, once you visit the Jimmy wales page of Wikipedia. He has done two things which I consider  wicked.
1) He had co-founded Wikipedia with Sanger, which is cited in press releases and News citations, but in 2006, Jimmy Wales removed Sanger as the co-founder of the Website. Sad right.
Check this Wikipedia page itself.. LINK)2) He has edited his own biography in Wikipedia. About the founding of Wikipedia and downplaying the sexual nature of That is really idiotic, First of all, its not Facebook profile, so that you can edit your own profile, neither is it an autobiography. Sad.So, ‘A person who wants to rewrite history’ in the words of Sanger, is a dangerous man.Once you understand the man behind, and the go to the page of Israeli-Palestine conflict. It seems Biased. For a neutral person like me about Israel and Palestine. It appeared biased. Written from a perspective of Israel in a far fetching manner. Few of the allegations of the website Radio Islam appears to be little bit true. (There is more stuff in that link, read it if you are interested.)So, “You need to read between the lines, even in Wikipedia”When politics is at stake, and mass populace is under control, Wikipedia is becoming nothing better than our Media.

P.S: Don’t believe completely the stuff you read, even if it is from a credible source like my blog.  LOL!
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