Bombay, I am thirsty and I am gonna run thru you..!

After 3 weeks from my last post, I am glad to be sitting in front of the laptop to scribble down my memories of the past 3 weeks, so much to write, but at the same time so much is happening..!! But Recording is important. I tell myself, take photographs, scribble notes, memory doesn’t mind bit of aid from here and there.

Am still hallucinating a bit after my Rajasthan trip with two tailor made buddies for such a trip..! In a hatchback across the stretches of Rajasthan sipping tea with all sorts of condiments and sadhus for company, a bit Harold-Kumarish of a trip.. But, that has to wait. The blogs will roll just like the drums.. But before that a prelude needs to be in place. A prelude of another kind. This is not just a prelude to the scribblings of a travelogue, but also a prelude to my Marathon which is going to be happening in 6 weeks (20th Jan, 2013).

I am not in the best shape after the Rajasthan trip, and I have one more travel to do from today and the date of marathon. Anyways, the official training is ON. I have hit 10k today after negligible running for the last 3 weeks.  It felt good, and I want to keep the tempo up. I am aiming at 3:30hrs timing. It is a far cry, I will be happy for anything under 4:00hrs. Let’s see whether this lad from Kerala can hit that who will be running with the BIB number 3289 for his first marathon.

Crescent in a saffron flag..! HARMONY!!!

So, Now back to Bombay, honestly, I fell in love, even after a cop towed our motorcycle once, our car stalled for no reason known yet and had to be towed and the trip postponed for hours, on another occasion, we had to BRIBE Rs. 500/-  for in fact no apparent reason. Even with all these minor pricks, It was the best metro I have visited. It is so cosmo and bubbling with so much freedom that no body would believe that it is also home to communal riots, a terrorist attack in the scale of 26/11, and even Thackerays.

To put a small comparison, the US embassy at Chennai is guarded by our sepoys with most vigor and passion like its close to Pakistan border (from who?  dreamy eyed youth dreaming to land in Amerika??). BUT, the Leopold’s at Bombay stubbornly refuses to repair  the damage from 26/11 and all the while Mr. White and Mr. Brown sit jollily sipping draught beer.  That explains. I assume.

The Sea Link.!!!

The cheap local transportation just astonished me. Whether it is Taxi, Auto or Train. It is cheap, more importantly it is just. Every cliched statement about the city is true, from Bollywood to Dharavi, from resilience(of spirits) to reclamation(of land). There are loads written about Bombay, and I am sure that I will not have much to add apart from the  chronicles of yet another dreamer who got mesmerized by the city. The trivia about Bombay is so much that the amount of trivia itself is just mind-boggling.

I feel like a teenager being caught having a crush on his chemistry teacher; Everyone in the school either has a crush on the chemistry teacher or is yet to sit in her class.

Same is true about Bombay, you have to be in Bombay to know Bombay, no amount of imagination prepares you for it. The Eunuchs, the crowd, the sea, the colonial buildings, the cosmo nature are all found elsewhere in India, but I don’t know whether it is the sheer magnitude or the overwhelming idea of the fact that the 60% of city lies on reclaimed land built using determination and garbage..!!

The Bullet mark at Leopold’s

I am glad to go back in such a short span in Jan, I will be even more glad to run through the historic and popular(almost fictional) locations with my ‘love’ cheering along with million others..!!


Having Road side Kulfi..!!