Mayannur bridge and my first RTI

Well, I had wanted to post this particular post soon after the last one. Anyways,

Mayannur Bridge

I had submitted my first RTI application back in October and got the response before the 30days period the government has given the information officers to reply to any given sensible query, else the person who raised the question can contact the appellate authority.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to ask and I wanted to ask something relevant, something local, something sane and sensible. The answer was lying right next to my town Ottapalam, It was about a new bridge which was constructed across Bharathapuzha a.k.a Nila. The bridge connects Ottapalam in the Palakkad district and Mayannur village in Thrissur district.

I will post the image of the query in the scanned form of the acknowledgement copy I received while submitting. The irony is that my query goes to two pages where as the reply is in just a single sheet. I had expected, even worried that I will recieve stack full of documents related to the bridge construction. I am no civil engineer, so I didn’t pursue the technicalities and other construction details, which I could have and you certainly can, if you are interested. Anyways, from my query, and the reply from the PWD department, anybody interested can pursue queries to the given replies or additional queries pertaining to the above said bridge.

This RTI question-answer might guide  someone out there seeking something from the government.

Here is the Query from my side.

The reply from the assistant engineer.

Whoever wants to pursue this particular case, can request the document from the above said order no:/File no: etc. For me, it was more of a learning experience as to how the RTI functions. Hoping to submit more queries and keeping the governments open.


P.S: If you go to a government office for an RTI, the respect the clerks and attendants show are of a different class than from when you look for their help in some legitimate case of which they have some power or say. “You have to experience it to believe it.”

“Information is wealth”