Green Diaries-1 “Bilimbi”

It feels nice to witness LIFE..!

The struggle, the passion, the growth, the cycles, the death..

I had planted last year a cucumber tree (Averrhoa bilimbi) commonly known as irumban puli.  Its definitely not the first tree I have planted. Anyways, I had an affection for it. The guys who sold me the sapling had told it will fruit in about three years. I patiently watered it and saw it grow. The growth being a bit faster than watching paint dry. I tried to decipher Fibonacci series in its leaves and branches formation as it grew. I would water it selfishly, it was my baby. I used to measure its growth comparing to my height and so forth. It is now 2.5 meters long. Few weeks back, it flowered. I was elated. Though the flowers never materialized to fruits. I was sure it is not going to take as long as 3 years to fruit. Then, the flowers returned.

Soon, many more branches sprouted… It had crossed its so called adolescent stage probably.. And came May. Then a small eco-system thrived around it. Bees, butterflies, ants everyone was around it. And then a collection of dried leaves appeared on a branch. A nest was getting ready. A family is going to be there soon.  A new life is going to take form. I was pretty happy. In this concrete jungle, I was happy to do a small part in bringing some green.

Bilimbi flower

The flower is magically getting transformed into a fruit. I love that tangy sour taste of the Bilimbi fruit. I will post the pictures of the chick and the Bilimbi in a later post.

GO Green…!!!

Go plant a tree..!!!