What I think When I go running and other running news..!

Hi Folks…

There is a book I am planning to read, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Murakami. Running on similar lines I thought I will write what I think when I go for running..

Let me divide the thought process to three levels..

The first one, the level where the brain is stuck most of the time, It (brain) is busy with the route, the pace, the breathing, how far to go and about the passers by.

On the second level, that is where the negatives get washed away.. the day to day activities, the work, relationships, the negatives associated with anxiety are all cleansed.. May be those “cool” hormones are produced or just the brain is too tired to invest its energy in there.. Anyways.. I believe hordes of people are resorting to distance running to reach this level. The so called level which got running the sobriquet  ” Ultimate Stress buster”

On the third level is where great ideas come.. I think about great innovations, about time management, about gorgeous natural visuals, about sustainability, and obviously about life and its overarching beautiful meaninglessness..!!

The most recurring thought that comes to my mind these days is to jump from the Mayanoor bridge to the full and fast Bharathapuzha .

Don’t worry, the thoughts are not suicidal, not even daredevilry, just an extreme way to cool your sweat off.. I get refreshed anyways with some cool views, sometimes funny scenes as well..

Accidents seen in the season: 2 (1 Bus, 1 Paddy harvester)


Dead snakes on the road: 15, (Exactly, thanks to vehicles running over the road, A natural pest killer is being killed needlessly..)

Dead frogs: Countless


Animals trouble: (Tamed Elephant- surprised!!!, Buffaloes- Once ran alongside long enough to pump adrenaline, stray dogs: No counting )


Favorite company: Wife until she reaches 1 mile mark, else birds..

Times hitchhiked back home: Once

Times I’ve been asked to run faster by toothless grand moms: 3

Times drenched: Countless.

Other runners on the route: Have met 3 men altogether, none regularly 🙁

Thats all folks..!! Below is the planned running calendar for the rest of the year..!

Smiles and Miles..

Aug 25, Hyderabad Marathon – Half Marathon 13.1miles

Oct 6, Coimbatore Marathon– Half Marathon

Oct 20, Chennai Trail Marathon-  ~Not 100% confirm

Dec 1, Wipro Chennai Marathon– Full Marathon

Dec 15 *Midnight marathon, Bangalore -Full ~Not 100% confirm, *No confirmation on date by organizers.

Happy Running Folks..


-Green Monster