Colors of Rajasthan

I had earlier posted a post titled “Doors of Rajasthan“. It was necessary since we could see so many doors and doorways in those wonderful and majestic forts of India’s NorthWest frontier. But, there is something else, If I have to explain Rajasthan in a single word, it would neither be Deserts nor forts, but Colorful. Yes, It was the most colorful place I have ever visited. May be the culture evolved to erase the dullness that arises out of the parched desert land, and thereby producing the most colorful state. Whether it be the apparel, the carpets, ornaments, culinary treats. Color is essential. A black and white portrait of Rajasthan is probably hard to find, because it doesn’t do justice to that state.
I’ve put in a gallery of some 16 images which will give you a hint of what was in store. Click on a single image for a better view and transition.


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