And the mountains echoed by Khaled Hosseini- A Book Review

After the super hits like “Kite Runner” and “Thousand splendid sons”, it is really hard for an author to keep hitting the right spot, and though this one is definitely a good book, it scores slightly less than its predecessors. The author is a bit more relaxed and there is a feeling that he wants to enjoy bit more of his writing than look for the tears from the readers.

book cover

Plot: The story definitely has Afghanistan in the backdrop, but this is more contemporary, there is absolutely no war. Of course the devil that is war is there, hiding in the shadow, but its ugly face is never revealed much. The locations stretch to Greece and Bay area and the time-span covered is more than half a century. Unlike the first book covering relations between two boys/men and the second one covering two women, this one doesn’t have such a central character to it, in the end you’d feel like you rather have one. May be it is the maturity of the author which is letting us reader down.

Style: The language is free-flowing, and the chapters are told from different vantage points by different characters along the time-span. There is a coherent and linear storyline which will come to light as the book progresses, though the format allows for lot of surprises and twists, the reader finds himself yearning for a bit more of drama.

Verdict: Though the review mentions only the pitfalls and shortcomings, that is due to high expectations from this gifted author from that beautiful land. The author reminds us that troubles, and emotions are universal whether it is California or Kabul.. If you like his works, go and pick this one up also.


Quotable Quote: “I find comfort in it, in the idea of a pattern, of a narrative of my life taking shape, like a photograph in a darkroom, a story that slowly emerges and affirms the good I have always wanted to see in myself. It sustains me, this story”