Four Races, Four Cities, A recap..!

So, I’ve run Five races this year, and this is about the four races other than the Mumbai Marathon I did in January.. So, I am going to compare and contrast between the four races, the races came from four different  cities, and except one (DRHM, Chennai) all of them were that particular city’s flagship road racing event.

1) TCS World 10K


Location: Heart of the City, Bangalore, :

A premier gold standard 10K event with lots of celebrations, wonderful sponsors, great traffic management, start and finish at the same place.. Excellent crowd, Great weather even in month of May. Bib collection at the venue itself. Nike Finisher t-shirt for the early finishers.The music, drums and all were really great. Lot of masti and tons of energy for dance and such celebration. Lots of female participants. 😀

Negatives: Tees for everyone would’ve been better.. Come on, you’ve BMW for sponsor and can’t dish out some tees? We runners love tees..! Medal was OK, coz since then we’ve seen better. The sling bag was too mediocre.


 2) Dream Runner’s Half Marathon.


Location: Chennai.

This is the only event, that was not the flagship event of that particular city. That goes to the upcoming Wipro Chennai Marathon. This event was in its second year, Wonderful management, Great route selection, Starting and finishing at the same point. Flat out track, good for PB’s. You get free tees, There was a reusable bottle, a nice sling bag. Nice goodies. Also you get to be in a star hotel for BIB collection, The ambiance and service was great. The volunteers were excellent. The organizers, great job considering, first time they were doing a timed event.

The medal for 10K was just OK again. The crowd support was very low. There was very little noise or encouragement towards the end of the race. Runners even felt bit de-motivated. There was breakfast in the morning by sponsors, but only for runners, and that too, the bearers were pretty stingy (one-time serving, come on we just burned tons of calories for THIS..!!)

3) Hyderabad Marathon


Location: Hyderabad, Sec’bad, Cyberabad.

The Medal was great. No doubt about that, The tee was wonderful with a great design from a decent enough brand, Kalenji. There was also finisher tee from Nike, that too with the finish time and your name on it. That’s way cool. Thumbs up Nike. The climate was good. The route was a challenging wonderful one with lots and lots of rolling hills. No PR here for anybody, unless its your first. Haha.The Dancing inside by a dance troupe inside the stadium was great.

The traffic was bad, lot of honking were there, come on Hyderabadis..! The traffic management was worse at certain places. The directions were not clear at certain places. The starting location and finishing location were great. But, the fact that they were not together sucked. So, there was lesser crowd to cheer. The volunteers were good but, there were very few public to watch on for a big city marathon like this one.. Need to learn a thing or two to entice visitors of all walks and make it a community event. Take a cue from Mumbai.. Mumbaikars rock. Also, No food. 🙁

4) Vodafone Coimbatore Marathon


Location: Coimbatore.

The only small city in the list, but they made up for it on many counts. The Tees were there, a sling bag, a hanky. The traffic control was great. No plastic bottles at aid stations was a good deal. The Start point and Finish were close by and wonderfully sorted. The cause was great and it was the cheapest entry fee of all (Rs.500/-). Great weather. There was Bib name choice offered, even an optional dedication Bib. Great route. Over a flyover, under a flyover, race course, it had a mix of everything. Free food for everyone, way to go cbe!!!

The negatives were very less considering the lack of experience for the organizers. They were there at stalls of Hyderabad and in the kit of DRHM. The 10K rush was affecting the top 100-150runners of half marathon, that could’ve been avoided. Thankfully 5K was started much later. Instant photo though a great idea could’ve been organized in a better way. Some had also complained about the food being at the top of the stands for exhausted runners and some elderly. I guess, that was the only place with some shade.

Well, That’s it..!! Got another trail running race in Chennai next weekend The Chennai trail marathon. Need to start writing reviews sooner. Ha ha..!!

And yea, I received the finisher tee for Blore after 5months, phew! Also received Hyderabad promptly. I haven’t received the Mumbai marathon mug yet. 🙁


Happy Running.

-Santhosh K Ramachandran

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