Endless River, Limitless Pink Floyd

It is with limitless patience that I waited for what would be the final Pink Floyd album. Now out as Endless River.

The album is not a statement, it is not a reaffirmation, it is just a collection of old recordings mostly from their time during the recording of Division Bell. Apart from the “Louder than words“, there are no vocals(when you discount the “Talkin Hawkin“, a vocal rendition similar to what the iconic Stephen Hawking did in “Keep Talking” two decades back.) Having said that, this album is just a nostalgic visit. It brings you a beautiful feeling of having gulped the wine and just like the aftertaste, the musical notes lingers inside your head.

It doesn’t matter whether Syd Barrett or Roger waters is part of the team or not, the essential team ethos that correspond to Floydian music is true to itself. A kind of music that is universal and speaks to everyone with themes ranging from exploitation to cosmos.

When the track listing showed “Things left unsaid” as the first track, I was afraid that there would be a confessional kind of monologue, but luckily that was not the case and it moved to “Its what we do” and the familiar tones from Division Bell dons on you.


This is not a Pink Floyd album supposed to be an era defining one after two decades of absence. Rather, it is just a gift for the legions of fans all across to savour what they love.

If you haven’t spent countless nights listening to Animals or The Dark side of the Moon in repeat mode and screamed “We don’t need no Education”, then don’t start with this album. This is a private album for the fans. Go listen to all the other albums for years back and forth repeatedly, then go and listen to the piano tribute and the symphonic versions of their singles. Then wait for years. Then finally come and listen to this nostalgic trip, then you will be taken on a boat along an endless river and you will be a happy traveler staring at the stars, shore and everything in between.

I don’t care what the reviews they are getting from the so called reviewers and magazines, it is an album to be cherished for all the fans and it is not without reason the highest pre-ordered album till date.

We love nostalgia. We love their album art, this one is no different. We love the beautiful bums of naked women as well as the fire on tuxedo. They are “space-rock” people. Their music is from outer space. They are Pink Floyd.

I can now listen to something priceless for endless nights.. Thank you for everything.