2014 a year of Running..!

May be the title should have been “2014- a year of Injuries”, I had run a decent amount of distance with more 1100kms of running with a run thrown in once every three days.

Though the injuries related to running was limited, I had been bogged down when it matters most, that is during the races.

In the beginning during January for SCMM I was just recovering from a knee injury and limped most of it struggling. Then during the in the May for TCS 10K, I was down with fever and ran to earn the finisher tee with a below par performance and was bed ridden soon after for more than a week.

I skipped DRHM in Chennai due to injuries and bruises from a fall after being chased by dog during the run. Then during Hyderabad half marathon in August, I was recovering from a fever and managed somehow to get the finisher tee as well.

I managed a decent performance at the Coimbatore and Bengaluru Half marathon with a timing close enough to the last year’s timing at Coimbatore. The next event was the Spice coast, which gave me the best medal of the year. I had planned to skip the event owing to fever but the Runsters team made me run a half marathon with brand new shoes bought overnight. But the performance gave me confidence that I can run a half marathon with pretty much whatever condition I am in and that too under 2hours.
In the Cochin International marathon  that followed, I made the season best performance for a half marathon still minutes slower than my PR.


So, 2014 No PR in full marathon, No PR half marathon, No PR in 10K.

Now 2014 is behind me, I have learnt one thing from G, more than the quantity of training miles, it is the quality that matter. He broke his PR numerous times over the course of the year.

With that in mind, I am looking forward to a PR at the 2015 SCMM.

Happy to have run races in four states across the year. 2015 will see a repetition of all the races I ran this year.. So hoping to break PRs all the way..!


Cheers and happy running..