Elusive PR

I ran my first and second 10K race in the summer of 2010. During the second race, I clocked my PR for 10K at 46:32 which is a 7:29min/mile. In the five years since I haven’t gone anywhere close to it.

Bridger ridge run is a ~21 mile trail race which is one of the most technically difficult trail race across America. It has huge climbs and a difficult conditions¬†of rock, mud, snow, wind, hail, sharp cliffs and altitude to outsmart you if that distance of 21 mile is not daunting. This race is the reason because of which I started running. Even the 10K races in which I clocked my PR were “practice runs” for this particular event.

Soon after the run, I read a book by Christopher McDougall, a bestseller titled “Born to Run” and it changed my perceptions about running and the limitlessness of being human. I also switched to¬†minimalistic shoes and started striking the toes instead of the heel which I had been using till then.

I ran a 10K after that, with clock ticking more than 50mins. I consoled myself that my gait, posture or whatever that is had changed and it will take time to regain my speed.

I had been consoling me ever since.

Over the years, I was either sick, injured, over-trained, under-trained and haven’t clocked anywhere near that running pace again. In the recent TCS 10K 2015 at Bangalore, India, I clocked 48:12. My best time since 2010!!! Still 100 seconds slower than my PR.

I don’t have answers, I have questions, I have speculations, is it just my will that is lacking? my training? my diet? (When I clocked those PR times, I was my own chef.) my shoes? blah blah!!

So, I am embarking on a new regimen to crush those PRs and miles, I will post if the results are positive.

My Limbs, My Lab! My Heart, My Furnace!

Get.. Set.. Go!!!