Nutri Choice Vs Spinach; A comparison

I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist. So, read the rest of this with a pinch of salt or a pound of fibre, just in case for easy bowel movement.

I had taken metamucil (It’s a fibre supplement) to ease my digestive tracts. That is to say I have had my share of history with fibre and lack of it in my 150lb. body.

There are tonnes of different types of diets to follow now for various bodies/requirements. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful diets ranging from fad to fantastic. “Paleo diet” inspired from our ancestors, Gluten free, low-sodium, ketogenic, liquid based, religion based, environment based. You name it! there is a possible diet for it. There is even a diet based on blood types. Most of the fad diets have no scientific basis.

My blog is not to advocate a kind of diet or against it. Personally I prefer low processed, locally sourced organic diet. I stick to it somewhat arrogantly unless I am travelling.

My concern is Fibre. There is lack of fibre in modern urban diets with food from refined wheat, refined rice and meat occupying the bulk of food consumed. Well, there is paracetamol in your chicken and acidity regulators in your candies and biscuits. So, you remain unscathed in terms of internal troubles for shorter term.

Nutritional value of fibre is ZERO. Still you need it. You need fibre to clean up your digestive tract. Simple. It is required more so by inactive people because inactivity means undigested food.

Even before my knowledge of fibre. The food processing industry knows the importance of fibre.

A business opportunity with the ailing consumer who is having constipation or discomfort in his bowel movement. Nutri Choice and Spinach comparison

Here we go, a high fibre biscuit. Britannia Nutri Choice It contains bran, whole wheat and yay! Fibre. Hey Popeye, lets move from Spinach to biscuits. This is wonderful, all the goodness in biscuit form.

Eh! Wait a Minute. “Too good to be true? Then it isn’t” is a mantra I have learnt.

Lets look at the backside of things.

Nutri Choice and Spinach comparison

Yes, it contains Whole wheat flour and Bran and yes Fiber too. But is that good enough? It contains more than 10 synthetic chemicals. Well that is a standard in any processed food, whether they have labeled it or not is a different issue. Now, the fibre content is 9g for 100g of biscuit. 7.5g of protein. OK! Is that good? We don’t know if we don’t know the math.

So lets compare it with our hero.

Popeye with Spinach


100g of Spinach contains 92g of Water. For the rest of 8g it is so power packed, it is indeed a super cool magical food. It contains all the amino acids, Vitamins A to Z. Well, mainly Vitamin A and K. Lets talk about fibre! How much fibre does it have? In the remaining 8g, we have got approx 3g of protein and 2.2g of fibre. That is 37.5g protein and 27.5g fibre for every 100g. Well that is a lot of spinach to eat. But, you get the picture!

To put it other way, Spinach contains more iron than a hamburger of equal weight. Beat that.

Now go and eat your veggies. (Mommy tone)

That’s all your honour. Case closed.


P.S: Spinach is one of the most pesticide contaminated produce. So grow your own or buy organic.