30 things before 30…! My Bucket List.

In less than 6 months I will turn 30. Not that much will change when I cross to the other side.. But I am just as excited to turn 30 as I was to turn 18..

Here I am going to divulge in some narcissistic ego-pampering exercise of what the beep I’ve done with my 10,950 or so days..! Dont tell me I didn’t warn you..! Basically I am going to list 30 things I have already done and call it my bucket list. Well, I will post another blog with 30 things for me to do when I reach the other side. Just to be little more “goal oriented” and well crazy..!

So.. Here I go..!

1. Run a marathon..

Run whatever distance in whatever terrain you can find in whatever speed you can muster. Just Run..!

2. Get lost in woods and come back alive.

I’ve gotten lost in an amusement park and Metro rail network before I was even ten, so that gives me some leeway into finding my way back into syphillization. Read more about me getting LOST

3. Bungee jump, Rock climb, Snowboard, XC ski, Canoe, Horse ride, Cliff jump, Snorkel, Dirt Bike, Ride a dune buggy, Zip line and more and more..

Basically put myself in any adrenaline pumping exercise and get back to boredom alive. 

4. Learn 5 languages.

Malayalam RWS

Tamil RWS

English RWS

Hindi RWS

Sanskrit RWS

5. Read 100 books.

Well, I am 140+ on Goodreads. So yeah. My 13 year old self would have laughed at it..!

6. Write a book.

Well, Write a travelogue, Get it published. Write a Thesis. Get it published. Write a research paper, get it  published. so 3 out of 3. I have a blog. So make it 4 out of 4. 

7. Black out on alcohol.

That was simple. Drink all sorts of shots with all sorts of fancy names. Puke. Get hangover for two days and make yourself quit hard drinks forever, or at least till now.

8. Kiss a complete stranger.

I was drunk..! (should I press backspace) She was pretty. Wait, was I hallucinating?

9. Procure. Possess and consume a schedule I drug.

This has more to do with incorrect scheduling rather than me being a junkie.. So thats yea!

10. Camp alone on a godforsaken piece of land.

Aah.. numerous nights in deserts, mountains and meadows under milky way, rain and snow. 

11. Get intimate outdoors.

Ahem Ahem..!

12. Love. Breakup. Love again. Breakup. Love once and for all.

Story of my life.

13. Travel by road, sea and air on a single day.

All you have to do is to fly to an island and the rest two are pretty easy to cover in a single day.

14. Get chased by animal.

A random domestic dog chased me inside my own house around the couch (I was a kid!)

A stray dog chased me and made me fall down on the road and got myself injured.

A wild cow moose charged at me trying to protect its calf. A langur almost chased me off the balcony from top of a fort.

15. Become an atheist.

Believe. Disbelieve. Question. Confront. Comprehend (sort of). Get Confused. Get Content. Get Confused again. 

16. Get suspended from college.

Not proud of the reason anymore. 

17. Volunteer.

Enough Said. I will be modest here. 🙂

18. Become a dirtbag.

Became this close to being a hippie. All that was required was a VW Type2 and dreadlocks.

19. Make a baby.

Well, She deserves all the credit for bearing the hard part and I, the pleasure of holding him high up in the air. 

20. Get yourself a college degree.

Why stop there, get yourself a Master’s degree. A bit more? Get yourself a Ph.D admission. Wait, this is getting out of hand. Lets stop here.

21. Cry for no reason. Cry for thousand reasons.

Beer. The reason is beer and woman.

22. Smile for no reason. Smile for thousand reasons.

Beer. The reason is beer and woman. 

23. Contemplate death because of starvation, fear, cold and recklessness. Also Nihilism!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Scenes, scenarios differ. 

24. Visit Glacier, Geyser, Volcano, Mountain peak, Hot Springs, Coral Reef, Island, Canyons, Waterfalls, Gorges, Arches and more.

This is much cooler than naming destinations and countries..

25. Become a teacher, janitor, grocer, writer, farmer, construction worker, engineer and get paid for all of it.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I hated that question.. I still do..!

26. Watch a play, a live concert, a fund raising dinner, a dance recital.

Self explanatory.

27. Go on an epic road trip.

Once in India. Once in Americas. Once across international borders.

Three things I am yet to do and plan to do before my 30th birthday.

28. Complete a Brevet.

This is riding a distance of 200kms to 1000kms on a bicycle in a stipulated time period. 

29. Complete a Triathlon.

At least olympic distance, i.e. Swim 1500meters, Bike 40kms and then Run 10kms.

30. Do something worthwhile to be included in such a list.

So yea, fill in the blanks ____________.


Well. Thanks to my dad for having filled me with his hyperbolic ideas when I was young. I believed it being guileless and chased it and that is the reason for this bucket list.

Probably blind faith takes you far and doubts drag you down..

Now I am a man of doubts!

Can I ever go back?

Can my Tashi take me back to fairies and will we be able to slay the dragons?

I think we will venture together.

For no journey is taken alone.. For no dream is dreamt alone!