Do you buy lottery, my dear Kerala?

In Kerala, buying a lottery, winning a lottery and more commonly selling a lottery is a common occurrence. I would be surprised if you haven’t encountered one either being a resident here or during your visits.

So, this post is about that. Lotteries in Kerala.

Lottery seller in Kerala

Lottery seller in Kerala

Of all the many social woes that engulf Kerala, this is the least talked about and least frowned upon. True it is one of the lesser vice. But is it? It is a state run enterprise since its inception almost 5 decades ago in 1967. It is one of the rare public institutions which have registered profit every single year of its operations.

Check this link to know the profit for each year at the official website.

In the recent most year 2013-14, where accounts are  shown, the revenue is a whopping 3793 crores and profit is 788 crores. 20% profit. I don’t where the money goes in terms of operation for printing paper tickets. The business is huge considering number of middlemen selling it to the end customer.

In my small town Ottapalam, there are lottery shops everywhere. In any street you can find one, then there are people selling it in Marutis and Tata Nanos. Then there are people selling it in bicycles, gear-less mopeds and more commonly by foot. According to the website, there are 100,000 retailers in the state. That is easily less than 5% of actual number of sellers.

So, do you buy? In the hope of winning 1crore, Christmas Bumper, saving patients under dubious/stupid Karunya schemes.

There are results on the newspaper on everyday since there is lottery draw almost everyday. Pournami, Karunya, Win-Win and the occasional bumpers. You name it.

It employs the disabled population quite a lot, they are the ones mostly falling prey into buying this as well apart from working class. There are shops dotting everywhere in the town and the shops explode in numbers closer to border towns towards Tamil Nadu.

People believing their luck is huge. Now what are their chances? Everyone knows someone who have won it. So, I can also win! right?

There is a common saying that with the number of motor vehicle accidents in Kerala, The chances of you dying while buying a lottery is greater than you winning the lottery.

Beat that! Your chance of winning a toss is 1 in 2. So say, if the official one lakh retailer sells just one ticket, Your chance of winning is 1 in 100,000. They sell in thousands. But lets forget that for a moment.

So once again, the 100,000 retailer just sells one ticket, how realistic is your chance?

Consider you are in a new town and your girl friend lives there and you don’t know her number or either her father’s name. But there is a telephone directory with 100,000 numbers. You dial looking at those numbers, your chances of winning a lottery is same as getting her number right on the phone with the first try!!!


Your chance of getting her number right increases with each successive try and it is 100% on the last try, but when you buy the lottery for the very next round, your chances are still the same as the very first try.

You will not win it dude, quit buying it. It is a scam. Open an RD instead.

Happy Gambling.


P.S: A small boy, 13-year-old came to me while I was waiting for a train in the railway station, He was selling lottery, out of curiosity, I took from him and checked the time and date of draw, it said 3:00pm and my watch showed 4:00pm. When I asked him about it,  He told me that its alright since we both don’t know the results yet? I laughed out loud.