I am a human being made up of cells, blood, tissues, organs, skin, membranes, hormones, fluids and “god knows what” in a complicated manner. Of which few are controlled by a mind, which supposedly has something to do with the the neural activity happening in my brain. This manifestation occurred around 22 years ago which might have been destroyed generations back and might have got re-manifested in this fashion( Not the body, but the soul). So my thoughts are unique, stupid, special, weird..all of those..!!

So, The whole point is that whatever I am writing in this blog are my ‘point of view’, which few might agree, thank you, “you don’t have to pay me anything” ! and also few might disagree, thank you to you people too, coz disagreement leads to the ultimate truth. But who knows the truth? But if someone is speaking truth, how can we know it is the truth. After all human race is so stubbornly demanding empirical proof to all that has been said, written or even thought. or else they foolishly accepts the popular one(Democracy at its worst.)

So you can copy, paste, cut, reproduce electronically via the print media or through the word of mouth whatever content which is there in the blog(You don’t have to pay me), If you have questions, feel free to ask, If you want to show your anger, shout at me rather than on some poor guy on the street! (sounds like a dialogue from Gandhi). If you want to hit me, Plz don’t do it.! If you want to laugh over what I have written, share with me too, (Plz, lemme too have a laugh.!)

If you don’t like the template, the picture, if there is a broken link, if there is something you find amiss, do let me know, I may or may not help, But don’t stop from what you were going to do. I don’t hope to change the world through this blog, The world is on a downward spiral (Its Kaliyuga, may be that’s why I was born. Ha Ha…) But don’t tell me what I can or cannot write. But even if you tell me, that is not going to stop me. So express your opinions, anger, thoughts, concerns, wishes, hopes, likes, dislikes or whatever you want to tell me about this blog , or about me or about the world.

Don’t worry, Lets overload the Google server in california..!!

Why am I writing this disclaimer, somebody prompted! I dunno, Who is bothered? Do you care..??

After all Lets share, learn, argue, debate, lets do that till dawn.

Intelligence is relative
-Burn after reading

So are many things..! like force, love, temperature, wind, gravity, sight, light, end, function, shift, control, space (those are things from keyboard, is it…oops..!!)

But finally..! does that matter?, Will that bring you rice tomorrow??

No…then what? I dunno as of nw..! Am I crazy, Did I miss tablets, Did the nut go loose??

Ha ha ha..!! ROFL..!!!

-Santhosh K Ramachandran.